Occupy Wall Street

I’ve been putting this off. Not because I haven’t been thinking about it, but more because I’ve been thinking about it too much. I have too much to say.

Occupy Wall Street. There are plenty of voices being heard on the subject, many of whom with much more clout, experience and wisdom. I leave the analysis to them (see links below).

But what does this peaceful protest mean to me?

I see hope. We want change but due to the pitfalls of his office, Obama has not provided us with that hope, or that change. I stand by him because I believe he’s doing what any progressive realistically could in that position. The problem isn’t President Obama but the constraints placed on him by the system.

The problem is the corporatocracy we live in. This is no democracy. We cannot even protest peacefully in the streets. We do not have freedom when innocent young women get kettled and maced by police officers. When we still have the death penalty in many of our states. When the voice of 99% of Americans is drowned out by the 1% who control the money and the media.

So I will be peacefully occupying Boston in solidarity with those in NYC, and in solidarity with similar protests across the country. This is our time. To quote another,

“If not us, who? If not now, when?”

Warning: the above video is upsetting.

Want to help out with Occupy Boston? Spread the word! Come to the first General Assembly meeting tonight at 7:30 at Boston Commons. Remember security culture, remember to be peaceful and lawful. The cops will, naturally, be there.

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